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The A R T of a volunteer

Updated: May 15, 2019

So much of the work that takes place at City of Refuge Dalton happens because of individuals and groups who selflessly give their time to advance others in our community. While it is important to highlight stories of the precious people served by this ministry, it is also paramount to spotlight those who quietly and effectively serve the people of this town we call home.

Accomplished Interior Designer, Marjorie Mitchell

Even if you don’t immediately see her, as soon as you walk through the doors of City of Refuge Dalton, you will see evidence that she has been there. Impressive, beautiful evidence. Even before making the move to the new facility in 2018, she was igniting flames of creativity to transform brick walls, concrete floors and forgotten furnishings into functional showpieces.

Known by many Daltonians as an accomplished interior designer, Marjorie Mitchell has shaped the decor of scores of homes, and she has provided lovely celebration settings from simple to lavish. A big reason for her success is that she genuinely loves people, and she is willing to take time to hear from people and share ideas in order to achieve the best outcome possible.

When she is not at her “real job”, Marjorie invests hour after hour into the transformation of the large brick building at 120 East Morris Street. She has the ability to find the treasure inside the most unassuming items. Many times, she has chosen a desk or some other piece of furniture that many people would have discarded, and she found a way to make it beautiful. But it is more than just talent and an eye for elegance. Marjorie pours her heart into each room. She considers the significance of every piece placed inside that room.

One example that comes to mind is when she was preparing the decor for the emergency food bank waiting area. When she learned more about the circumstances and struggles of many of the people who visit that waiting room, her eyes filled with tears and she purposed in her heart to bring vibrance and beauty to the waiting room so that people would feel a sense of dignity and importance as they sat on the comfortable seating and enjoyed the colorful and meaningful art. In fact, if you spend a few minutes talking with her about the importance of creating an atmosphere of belongingness and self-worth for those who will be served in any given space, you might end up with a few tears in your eyes as well.

Marjorie takes seriously our mission to reach, reclaim and repurpose. I hope you will take a few minutes to come by and see for yourself how a little love and hard work can transform a building in a place where we are all about transforming the lives of people. Maybe you will get the pleasure of chatting with Marjorie in the process, and you just might find yourself tapping into your own creative spirit and adding your flair to this renovation journey.


This article written by Rick Harris- Assistant Director of City of Refuge Dalton

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