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Uphill Coffee

Celebrate with Uphill Day!

- John and Kim Allen

Hey everyone!  Uphill Coffee is a new coffee enterprise starting up at City of Refuge!  We’ll be catering events and offering our fresh roasted coffee online and for sale at select Dalton businesses.  Our mission is to spread health and wellness education to the community at large and especially our youth and their families.  All proceeds will go back to City of Refuge to support programming that builds up and strengthens the lives of young people in our community.


Our first event will be March 12th and we are calling it “Uphill Days”.  Here’s how it works:

  1. Think of someone who you’d like to show appreciation for.  This might be one person or a group of people.  A colleague, a friend, a doctor, teacher, policemen, firemen, your pastor, your staff, yourself - literally ANYONE!

  2.  Then, click on the link below to view our products and build them a          care box of healthy treats and delicious fresh brewed coffee!

  3.  On March 12th, pick up your care package from City of Refuge and          deliver your care package. It will make their day!

Our message is that life is uphill for everyone and for this reason we need to be kind to each other and ourselves.  Help us spread this message.  If you have questions feel free to comment or send us an email at - Thank you!



*For orders over $100 we will deliver if you’d like.  Just give us the details in the order comment section.

*When checking out, make sure you select your desired pickup slot - Morning or Afternoon.

*All baked goods are currently only available for Uphill Days, but our bags of coffee can be purchased anytime.


Uphill Coffee is a new enterprise being started at City of Refuge! Uphill Coffee will be a part of our larger aim to increase Health and Wellness in our youth, their families, and the community at large. With this as our mission, Uphill Coffee will offer products that are fresh, healthy, and delicious while also running a workforce development program designed to strengthen work skills in our youth. We believe that life is uphill the whole way for all of us. We are all humans and being human comes with innate hurdles, hardships, and difficulties. Our message is to prepare

yourselves for challenges and be available to help others through their challenges as well. In doing this, we will be living by design oriented towards our creator.



Thanks for submitting!

416 S. Glenwood Ave. 30721

Hours of Operation:


9:00 am to 4:00 pm



Main Office: (706) 226-1301

FAX: (706) 226-5097

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